1. Making some doggy doodles.  Frenchie/fat chihuahua?


  2. So this was my first go at needle felting!  I loved it and can’t wait to make some more creatures.  The mama’s got an internal structure of high density foam (just because I had it on hand) and her limbs are aluminum wire.  Many thanks to the lovely Corina Hogan of Corina’s Curious Creations, who was able to supply me with a bunch of materials in Ireland after I broke my first few needles from overzealous felting.  She makes some adorable little critters and has a bunch of supplies for sale including some fabulous wool from Irish sheep (I miss them so much!) and on top of that she’s just a sweetheart.  Give her site a visit and see what suits your fancy!

    My classmates and I had studios set up in the Burren College of Art, a beautiful little campus that’s open to the public because there is a castle on the premises.  We were lucky enough to get a couple kids wandering through with their grandparents one day and they flocked over to me, totally mesmerized as they watched me make the mama.  ”That’s CLASS!” they yelled, which I learned means “SO cool”—and it was a much needed boost after a sort of dumb critique from, you know, adults.


  3. A monster commission for a nice guy named Dave.  Enjoy your new home little buddy! - Hillary


  4. Also from my travels.  Gouache on paper.


  5. "Her Favour" 2013, gouache on paper.
    Inspired by the Emerald Isle.


  6. I’m back from making butts in Ireland.  More updates soon!


  7. Lots of new things in my shop!  And 10% off with the code “IRELAND” at checkout to celebrate my approaching study-trip to the Burren.  Help me eat, drink, and paint my way thru the Emerald Isle with a purchase.  XOXO!


  8. Go to there + come say hi = win/win at Gold Coast Art Fair

    (Find me at booth 349 selling paintings, prints and birdies.)  XOXOXO


  9. "Holding on"  2013.  Gouache on paper.


  10. "Nebula"  2013.  Gouache on paper.