1. Inktober day 17 is inspired by Thora Birch’s sweater in Hocus Pocus.


  2. Little honey bees preparing for winter - inktober day 16!


  3. Inktober day 15: an array of magical items for spells, curses, and potions.


  4. Inktober 14: pretty rosettes!


  5. Belated inktober 13: some treats you can get for me if you want to be friends or whatever.


  6. Sad little stormclouds for Inktober day 12.


  7. A day late, but here nonetheless!  Inktober day 11 :)


  8. Armpit hair, don’t care!  Inktober day 10!


  9. Just some eyeglasses for Inktober day 9!


  10. A belated Inktober day 8: these skulls are not for Halloween, they are for my adult teen angst.  IT’S LIKE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ME!